Deborah Cobb, FNP

Dear Valued Patients,

I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving the Liv by Advantia Health practice. My last day in clinic will be on 11/30/2022. This decision comes with both sadness and excitement. My husband and I have been given an opportunity that we just could not refuse and have decided to relocate to North Carolina. 

While at Liv I was fortunate enough to meet so many amazing people like yourself. I will forever be so grateful for you and all the Liv patients who allowed me to be a part of their life’s journey. Please know it is not easy to walk away from such an outstanding practice, and I will miss you and everyone at Liv very much.

Advantia Health is recruiting for my replacement however this process takes time, as the primary care provider market is very tight. As such, the practice does not expect to have a new primary care provider on board by the time of my departure on 11/30/2022.  In an effort to support you in continuous primary care coverage, outside of Liv and Advantia, I have included a list of primary care providers in the DMV area that you may find helpful. Please also reach out to your insurance company for a more specific list of providers participating in your health plan.

Those who are currently on an active care plan with me will be contacted directly so we can collaborate on a care transition plan. If you have any questions or concerns about how to move ahead with your healthcare, please feel free to send me a message through the Patient Portal, schedule a virtual visit, or call me at (202) 481-2050 while I am still here.

Please also know that you have several other high quality and caring providers in Liv with Dr. Jackson, Dr. Kressell, Dr. Garcia, Dr. Wright, Katherine Strike, NP and Dana Kravitz, LICSW, who are here to support your OB GYN and mental wellness.

Your medical records will remain with Liv by Advantia Health. If you wish to transfer your care, please submit the Medical Records Release Form on our website

Again, I would sincerely like to thank you for allowing me the privilege to participate in your care. Please let me know if you need anything during this transition. I am happy to help any way I can.



Deborah Cobb, FNP

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